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    Welcome to Randall Children's Hospital, a special place just for kids.

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    When you arrive at the hospital, you will check in at Main Admitting.

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    Then you will go to Children's Surgery, where you will get a bracelet with your name and birthday on it. Your parents will get matching bracelets.

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    Next you will go to your room, where you will put on your hospital pajamas. Then your nurse will measure your height and weight.

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    Your nurse will help you get ready for surgery and will do a quick check-up.

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    In your room, you can watch TV, choose a movie or use the Internet on the GetWell Network.

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    Or, you may decide to visit our playroom, where you will find video games and other activities.

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    We also have cars and wagons to keep you busy.

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    You might have a small plastic tube in your hand or arm to give your body some fluids and medicine. This is called an IV.

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    Before surgery, you will have time to talk to your doctors. They will answer any questions you have. The doctor wears special clothes - called scrubs - and a surgical hat.

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    When it's time, you will take a ride in your bed to the surgery area. Your parents will come with you. If you have a special toy or blanket, you can bring it too!

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    A doctor, called an anesthesiologist, will help you fall asleep by having you breathe through a special mask.

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    When you wake up, your nurse will give you a popsicle or something to drink. We will make sure you're comfortable after surgery and may give you some medicine to make you feel better.

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    When you are ready to go home, you can ride out of the hospital in a wheelchair or ...

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    ... in one of our special wagons!

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