Mild pain

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Legacy Medical Group–Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Your hips and knees are generally healthy and in good working order, but you have a little pain – an old injury that flares up on occasion, a knee that aches after hiking or a strained muscle. You can resolve your joint issues with proper sports medicine and physical therapy. As your pain minimizes or disappears, our team of sports medicine professionals can help you increase your performance and reach new athletic goals.

You’ll find everything you need at our Cornell location:

  • Primary care with a sports medicine focus
  • Sports physicals
  • Diagnoses and treatment for sports injuries
  • Athletic training for enhanced performance and injury-prevention, including one-on-one sessions to improve strength, conditioning, speed and agility
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention 
  • Sports performance evaluations

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Staying active keeps aches and pains away

Watch dynamic stretching tips

Thinking about running a 5k? Do you know how much to eat and drink in preparation? Physical therapist Tom Lyttle has the answers. 

Mild pain

Call to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists: 503-672-6080