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Create your legacy: join our team

At Legacy Health, our legacy is doing what's best for our patients, our people, our community and our world. Our fundamental responsibility is to improve the health of everyone and everything we touch -- to create a legacy that truly lives on.

Ours is a legacy of health and community. Of respect and responsibility. Of quality and innovation. It's the legacy we create every day at Legacy Health.

And, if you join our team, it's yours.

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Our legacy is a stronger community

At Legacy, we take social responsibility seriously. That's because the communities we support are the very same communities we live in. Each year, we contribute more than $1.5 million to different community organizations.

Knowing that healthy communities need a healthy environment, we've also achieved national recognition for our recycling and sustainability efforts.

The opportunities to make a difference are just a few of the reasons you can be proud to call yourself a member of the Legacy team.

Our legacy is a motivated staff

Being a good citizen is only part of the story. It's how we treat our people that really makes Legacy such a special organization. We truly value our employees and are dedicated to creating a culture in which learning is encouraged, creativity welcomed and initiative rewarded.

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The following profiles describe what we expect from our leaders and employees, and what you can expect of us.

Our legacy is healthier patients

A leader in quality and safety measures, we practice cutting-edge medicine and promote the highest standard of care. This commitment was put into action in 2009, when we targeted reducing mortality by 5-10 percent and reducing hospital-acquired infections by 10-20 percent.


Our legacy is a secure future

We value the trust the community has placed in us to be good stewards of community assets. That's why we employ the highest standards of fiscal responsibility and ethical business practices. As a community benefit organization, we don't sell stock nor pay dividends. Our Board of Directors is comprised of local physicians, executives and members of the religious community who volunteer their time.

By keeping a careful eye on costs, we're able to ensure our long-term fiscal health-which means we can continue to serve our patients for generations to come.

For financial details, see the annual Summary Balance Sheet.

What's your legacy?