Operating Rooms - Mount Hood

Note: This information is provided for nursing school faculty to let them know the kinds of clinical experiences available for nursing students at Legacy Health.


Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center

Unit Name:

Operating Rooms

Patient Population &/or Specialty Served:

All specialties, except open heart, transplants

Usual Times/Days of Week Unit Open:

M-F, 0700-2300

Shift Length Worked & Start Times:

Varies; usually 8 hrs: 07-1530, 09-1730, 11-1930, 07-1930, 11-2330

Number of Licensed Patient Beds:

4 operating rooms

Average Daily Unit Census:

5-20 cases

Average Length of Stay:


Number RNs Working Each Shift:


Skill Mix: 

RNs and technicians

Style of Nursing & Usual Patient Assignment:


Special Skill Sets Usually Required of RNs: 

Perioperative skills