Transitional Year Residency Rotations

The Legacy Emanuel and Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Centers Transitional Year curriculum is designed to help the resident gain fundamental clinical, ethical and economic skills. Rotations are one month in length, beginning on the 26th day of the month and terminating on the 25th of the following month. The standard annual rotations assignments are:

3 months - Surgery (General or Trauma)
4 months - Internal Medicine
2 weeks - Outpatient (Ambulatory) Medicine
1 month - Emergency Medicine
3 months - Elective Rotations

The structure of the four months of Internal Medicine rotations are:

1 month Wards: Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
1 month Wards - Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center
6 weeks Intensive Care Unit - Legacy Good Samaritan Center
1 month Night Float - Legacy Emanuel Medical Center