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Clinical trials

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Legacy Health has one of the largest clinical trials programs in Oregon. The physicians involved in research are leaders in the medical community and, through clinical trials, help to advance medical knowledge and bring the latest promising new treatments to their patients.

A clinical trial is a research study designed to determine the safety and effectiveness of a new medicine, treatment, or device in people. These studies begin only after extensive testing in a laboratory has shown promising results, and the research study has been reviewed for scientific merit by a panel of physicians and scientists on a local Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Clinical trials rely on patient volunteers who meet the study requirements. Qualified volunteers are accepted to participate in a study after they fully understand the potential risks and benefits of the study and have given their informed consent.

A physician, known as the principal investigator, and a highly qualified team of other health care professionals manage each study. The length of time from beginning to end of a study varies, but typically lasts a few months. The information collected from clinical trials is used by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to determine whether or not the new drug or device can be prescribed for the general public.

Clinical Research

The clinical research department at LRI has more than twenty years' experience in conducting all phases of studies with patients across the age spectrum. 
Clinical disciplines include: 

 Burns Neonatology  Pediatrics 
Cardiology  Nephrology  Rehabilitation 
Cardiovascular Surgery  Neurology Rheumatology 
Diabetes  Neurotology  Surgery 
Endocrinology  Ophthalmology  Transplantation 
Infectious Diseases  Orthopedics  Trauma 
Internal Medicine  Pain Management  Women's Health 

Oncology Clinical Research

Legacy Oncology Clinical Research participates in a variety of oncology clinical trials  in collaboration with research-based organizations, physician groups, the National Institutes of Health, and pharmaceutical companies, including:

Research Collaborations

The Legacy Good Samaritan Foundation sponsors a variety of research studies initiated and coordinated by Legacy's medical staff, to improve the quality and effectiveness of care being provided to our patients.

The Northwest Marrow Transplant Program is a collaboration between Legacy Health and Oregon Health Sciences University to study blood and bone marrow transplants.

The Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel is a member of the Children's Oncology Group (COG). COG is a national research group studying childhood cancers, and is supported by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Click here to search the COG website for current childhood cancer studies.