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Neurotology Research

Neurotology Research

The Neurotology Research laboratory provides extensive resources to support clinical and basic science research in human vestibular, balance and autonomic function. Current research interests include development of vestibular function tests, postural control during head movements, gait initiation, vestibular rehabilitation and vestibular control of autonomic function. Clinical research focuses on patients with vestibular and ophthalmological disorders. The Neurotology Research team actively collaborates with the Devers Eye Institute at Legacy as well as with other laboratories in the U.S. and abroad, and locally sponsors training programs for pre- and post-doctoral students and fellows. 

Recent Publications

Clinical Research Facilities

Neurotology Research facilities include comprehensive, state of the art diagnostic testing of balance and hearing disorders. Research subjects are recruited from referring physicians and from Dr. Wackym's  practice (Ear and Skull Base Center). The Neurotology laboratories and clinical research services are actively utilized in current research projects funded by Legacy and the NIH, and are available for future collaborative studies.

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Joseph A. Cioffi, Ph.D.
Interim Vice President of Research
Legacy Research Institute
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