Ophthalmology--Devers Research

Devers Eye Institute Research
Discoveries in Sight Research Laboratories

1225 N.E. Second Ave.
Portland, OR  97232
Telephone: 503-413-5315
Email: pobox@deverseye.org 

Mission and programs

Our misssion is to expedite development of new technologies and treatments to prevent blindness, with programs that include:

  • Basic Research: Combining research in anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology to discover what role they play in diseases of the eye.
  • Clinical Research: Initiating and conducting clinical trials to test new diagnostic instruments and therapies. 
  • Clinical Epidemiology: Determining the prevalence of eye disease within Portland and the Pacific Northwest Indian Tribes. 
  • Technology Development: Working with industry to accelerate the development of new technologies and pharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease.


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