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Legacy Oregon Burn Center

Burn care

A leader in burn care

Serious burn injuries are complex because they can lead to issues in breathing, circulation, dehydration and infection.

To learn about burn injuries, go to our health library.

These injuries are best addressed through a complete center that focuses on burn care.

Legacy Oregon Burn Center offers a complete center for burn injuries.

The only facility of this kind between Seattle and Sacramento, our center is a national leader in burn care, as verified by the American Burn Association and the American College of Surgeons.

From surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists to physical therapists, social workers and psychologists, our team works together to provide the best possible burn care.

Legacy Oregon Burn Center

The Legacy Oregon Burn Center has 16 beds in 16 private rooms, treatment areas just for children and other features that make us an excellent resource for burn care. Located on the campus of Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and Randall Children's Hospital, we offer expert care only found in a center that specializes in burns. See below for our special features.

In our admission/treatment room, our doctors directly admit patients for initial assessment, stabilization and treatment. Everyone is treated regardless of their ability to pay.

After an acute phase at the Burn Center, patients may spend time at the Legacy Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center.

We provide outpatient therapy services through our wound and burn clinic. We also offer a Healing Garden for both the physical and emotional support of the patient, family and staff — it is the first therapeutic garden in the country developed specifically for burn patients.

Unique features that make a difference

Among our unique features:

  • Special beds with a zoned air surface that adjusts to the patient's weight, reduces body pressure and minimizes skin and tissue damage.
  • A communication system that allows nurses to communicate with each other from room-to-room. The system reduces response time in emergencies and enables patients to instantly call their own nurses and support staff.
  • Hand-held diagnostic devices to analyze blood samples at the patient's bedside within minutes. This advanced technology allows medical team members to rapidly detect and correct potentially life-threatening conditions that burn patients can face.
  • A critical care monitoring system in all patient rooms, with portable monitors that travel with patients whenever they have to be moved
  • Specially designed hydrotherapy tables that provide highly regulated temperature and pressure controls, for gentle and effective cleaning of the injured tissues
  • An innovative lift, hoist and rail system that allows a nurse to safely move and re-position a patient (weighing as much as 350 pounds) without assistance from other staff
  • Legacy Health offers laser treatment for burn scars. Laser scar therapy is designed to reduce stiffness and improve the appearance of scars.  It also often reduces itchiness.


For more information on fire safety, burn awareness and the prevention of burn injuries, see our resource links.


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