Support Groups

Legacy Cancer Institute provides a range of support services to help you and your family through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of cancer. Our holistic approach sets us apart, because we understand that you have a life, not just a diagnosis.

Learn more about the support services of the Legacy Cancer Healing Center.

In addition to the support groups listed below, Legacy offers a variety of free classes, programs and support groups for cancer patients and their families. These provide ongoing education, activities and emotional support for individuals whose lives are touched by cancer. Most groups are open to family and friends and are offered at a variety of times and locations.

Cancer support groups

Groups are held at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center unless otherwise noted.

  • Brain Tumor Support Group  (see current schedule)
  • Breast Cancer Support Group - Good Samaritan Medical Center (see current schedule)
  • Breast Cancer Support Group - Meridian Park Medical Center
  • Breast Cancer Support Group - Mount Hood Medical Center
  • Gynecological Cancer Support Group
  • Head and Neck Cancer Support Group
  • Lymphedema Education & Support Group - Meridian Park Medical Center
  • Prostate Cancer Support Group

Movement, exercise and mind/body classes

These classes are held regularly. They are located at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center unless otherwise noted.

  • Exercise and Healing
  • Living with Uncertainty and Change
  • Meditation
  • Touch, Caring and Cancer Workshop (community location)
  • Expressions of Healing:  Art and Community (Legacy Good Samaritan and Salmon Creek)
  • Felting Workshop
  • Gardening Workshop for Individuals with Cancer
  • NIA Exercise Group for Individuals with Cancer (community location)
  • Pilates for Individuals with Cancer
  • Yoga for Individuals with Cancer