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Legacy Comprehensive Cancer Center-Good Samaritan

Legacy Comprehensive Cancer Center-Good Samaritan is home to Legacy Cancer Institute’s entire range of cancer services, including Legacy Cancer Healing Center, and many free classes and support groups. Legacy Good Samaritan is also one of the OHSU Knight-Legacy Cancer Collaborative sites. Dozens of cancer specialists see patients here in comfortable, non-institutional clinic settings.


Legacy Comprehensive <br>Cancer Center-Good Samaritan

The Cancer Care Unit

Legacy Good Samaritan’s specialized unit for adult cancer patients was recently renovated according to the latest research linking a patient’s surroundings to faster healing. The result is a comforting, healing environment for our patients and their families, featuring: 

  • 18 private rooms. Research indicates private rooms provide better communication between patients and staff, reduce noise, improve sleep and result in shorter hospital stays 
  • Sleeping accommodations in each room so that a family member can spend the night 
  • A soothing palette of colors, textures, and design elements for a comforting, healing environment. Studies show that peaceful and aesthetically pleasing hospital interior designs lower mortality rates, reduce the need for pain medication and promote shorter hospital stays 
  • An overall design that allows doctors and nurses to plan patient care away from the bedside, so there is minimal noise and foot traffic in the hallways

Green Gables Guest House

On the Legacy Good Samaritan campus for Legacy patients and their families, Green Gables Guest House provides a low-cost home away from home.

Legacy Cancer Healing Center

Legacy Cancer Healing Center provides many services from both Eastern and Western medical traditions to help you manage symptoms, side effects from treatment, and support you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Cancer services

Our location

Legacy Good Samaritan is centrally located in Northwest Portland, with nearby freeway access, restaurants and shops. Don’t worry about parking in this popular neighborhood - we offer free valet parking for patients and visitors at our main entrance. Legacy Good Samaritan is also served by the Portland Streetcar and public buses.

Legacy Comprehensive Cancer Center-Good Samaritan
1130 NW 22nd Ave., Building 3    
Portland, OR 97210