ECMO Patient Stories

ECMO is a life-saving technology. Here are just a few of the dozens of stories from people whose lives were touched by this treatment. 

If not for ECMO ...


Jacquelyne Cordero

"It started as a simple little tickle in my throat. But within days, I was admitted to the hospital in Medford with H1N1. A specialized team from Legacy Emanuel in Portland arrived to transfer another H1N1 patient and learned about my case. Within 24 hours, I was in Portland, hooked up to a machine called ECMO that would save my life. It kept my lungs free and gave them the chance to rest while my body healed.

"If it weren't for ECMO technology, and the experience and expertise of the Legacy team, I'm not certain how many more days I would have had. I'm so grateful for the doctors who brought with them the compassion and knowledge to keep me alive. I will forever think of this team and thank God for their dedication to their patients and their craft."