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Legacy Devers Eye Institute Research
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1225 N.E. 2nd Ave.
Portland, OR  97232
Telephone: 503-413-5315

  • P. Ashley Wackym, M.D., Clinical Vice President of Research, Legacy Health
  • James Rosenbaum, M.D., Chief of Ophthamology & R.G. Chenoweth Endowed Chair, Devers Eye Institute

Legacy Devers Eye Institute is a world center for research in ocular blood flow, optic nerve head histomorphometry, ocular biomechanics and the early detection of glaucoma. Visiting scientists and fellows from around the world, including England, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, China, Germany and South Africa, return to laboratories with new insights and research expertise.

Mission and programs

Our mission is to expedite development of new technologies and treatments to prevent blindness, with programs that include: 

  • Basic Research: Combining research in anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology to discover what role they play in diseases of the eye. 
  • Clinical Research: Initiating and conducting clinical trials to test new diagnostic instruments and therapies. 
  • Clinical Epidemiology: Determining the prevalence of eye disease within Portland and the Pacific Northwest Indian Tribes. 
  • Technology Development: Working with industry to accelerate the development of new technologies and pharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease.