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Safety Belt Class

TNTT's safety belt class educates drivers and passengers over age 16 about the need to wear safety belts. Under Oregon law, safety belt use is mandatory for both front and back seat passengers. Police may stop vehicles solely for belt law violations. When a citation is issued, the police officer gives the violator an information sheet that tells them about the class. In many cases, the presiding judge will dismiss the citation for anyone who attends the class prior to his or her court date.

Class format

A TNTT nurse educator and a uniformed police officer present slides and a video showing crash scenes and the Trauma Center at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. The class emphasizes the difference between personal responsibility and personal rights, societal expense and the reason and the importance for following and enforcing laws, including the influence and impact on families and friends of not following laws. The class also addresses other high risk driving behaviors, such as high speed driving, driving while impaired and distracted driving.

For more information

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