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Share the Road Safety Class

The Share the Road Safety Class (SRSC) was developed for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists who have received a citation for being in the wrong place on the road (such as a car in a bicycle lane), failure to yield the right of way and/or defective equipment or non-use of safety equipment. See Violations for the complete list. The class focuses on traffic law and safety issues as they relate to bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists needing to share the public right-of-way in a safe and lawful manner.

If you have received a citation, successful completion of this class may qualify you to receive a dismissal (no conviction) or a sentence of discharge (conviction entered but no fine) for your citation. You are responsible for providing the court with the original Certificate of Completion by the deadline set by the officer noted on your citation or by the deadline set by the court.

One recent class participant (a bicyclist who ran a red light) says he's glad he took the class, "Not because I saved myself some money, but because I'm pretty sure it may have saved my life. Or someone else's."

Class pre-registration is required.

Eligibility requirements (see Violations) are determined by the officer and the court. Any violation that is cited as a contributing factor in a Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) incident or traffic collision involving physical injury or property damage is not eligible for dismissal or sentence of discharge through the Share the Road Safety Class.

SRSC Coordinator
Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
2801 N. Gantenbein Ave. Room 4127

Portland, OR, 97227

For more information or to inquiry about registering:
Call 503-413-4960 or email the TNTT Office 

This class is a collaborative effort between Multnomah County courts, Portland Department of Transportation, Portland Police Bureau, Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Trauma Nurses Talk Tough.


Automatic Eligibility

Discretionary Eligibility


ORS 814.070 - Pedestrian improper position on highway

PCC 16.70.210 - Pedestrian not using a crosswalk


ORS 814.020 - Pedestrian fails to obey a traffic control device

ORS 814.040 - Pedestrian fails to yield to a vehicle


PCC 16.70.320 - Bicycle-Operating Rules 

ORS 814.420 - Failure to use bicycle lane or path

ORS 814.430 - Improper use of lanes on bicycle

ORS 814.440 - Failure to use signal turn on bicycle

ORS 814.450 - Unlawful load on bicycle

ORS 814.460 - Unlawful passenger on bicycle

ORS 814.470 - Failure to use bicycle seat

ORS 814.485 - Failure to wear bicycle helmet (if under age 16)

ORS 814.486 - Endangering bicycle operator or passenger

ORS 815.280 - Failure to use required bicycle lighting (w/purchase of lights)


ORS 814.410 - Unsafe operation of bicycle on sidewalk

ORS 811.025 - Failure to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk

ORS 811.415 - Unsafe passing on the right

ORS 811.265 - Failure to obey a traffic control device

ORS 811.270 - Failure to obey one-way designation

ORS 811.360 - Vehicle turn at stop light: improper turn

Motor Vehicle

ORS 816.330 - Defective lighting (with repair of defect)

Motor Vehicle

ORS 811.265 - Failure to obey a traffic control device

ORS 811.360 - Vehicle turn at stoplight; improper turn

ORS 811.375 - Unlawful or un-signaled change of lane

ORS 811.415 - Unsafe passing on the right

ORS 811.435 - Operation of motor vehicle in bicycle lane

ORS 811.025 - Failure to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk

ORS 811.055 - Failure to yield to bicyclist on sidewalk

ORS 811.050 - Failure to yield to rider in bicycle lane

ORS 811.028 - Failure to stop for pedestrian

ORS 811.020 - Passing stopped vehicle at crosswalk

ORS 811.490 - Improper opening of vehicle door