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The following comments are from people who have experienced TNTT's classes on the importance of wearing seat belts and safety helmets:

My husband…came home from your class and cried. He’d always been cavalier about seatbelts and that attitude extended to our kids’ baby seats – well, no more. I’ve never had to nag again. It was a fundamental shift in attitude for him; he not only buckles us all up, but he’s a much safer, kinder driver ever since.

I can relate this to my life because whenever I ride my bike or rollerblade, I never put on a helmet. I always thought nothing could happen to me. Now I know that one little mistake can change my life forever.

I’m stunned at how remarkable Joanne is to do this for a living. She was articulate and emotional. She was perfect…I am changed.

The class not only showed me an extreme reality, but made me realize again how valuable life is and, if God gave me a brain, I had better use it.

This was the most educating and eye-opening experience I’ve ever had.

This class really opened my eyes…I have to say I came in as the typical, “It’s my right!” driver and “The cops are out to get me and my money.” Now I know how terribly wrong I was and for that I thank you.

I had the life-saving privilege of attending your safety belt lecture. Thank you for awakening me to the errors of hubris.

People who know me think I’m pig-headed and stubborn about issues, including wearing a seatbelt. Joanne Fairchild got through that pigheadedness.

This class changed my life, not only how my son drives, but how I drive (after 25 years) and how I am able to parent.

[Your presentation] made me think about how important it is for me to fasten my seatbelt every single time I get into the car. Before I normally fastened my seatbelt, unless we were just going a very short distance, but now I will be sure to always put it on. Looking at those slides made me think about how much it would hurt me physically and all of my friends and relatives mentally.

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