Young Driver Improvement

Municipal Courts and Individual Referrals

You have been given the opportunity to participate in the Young Driver Improvement Class at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. The course is designed to educate you about the potential and very real consequences of unsafe driving behaviors. You will spend 3 hours at Legacy Emanuel and learn:

  • The consequences of good kids making poor choices while driving
  • How to use the Graduated Driver's Licensing (GDL) laws
  • How to construct a driving contract.

The course also includes group discussions and testing, including essay questions, and an evaluation of the course.

Registration information

Course fee: $50 (Reduced to $20 if a parent or other adult over age 25 attends with you.)

You must pay the fee in cash to the course coordinator when you check in at the class. Payment and your full participation is required for satisfactory completion. See also: Guidelines for participants.

Schedule: The course is held on the third Wednesday evening of most months. See schedule here. Learn more about the workshop here.

You must preregister by completing and mailing the registration packet to:

YDI Class Registration
Trauma Nurses Talk Tough
Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
2801 N. Gantenbein Avenue   Room 2012
Portland, Oregon 97227 

Registration packet:

  • PDF format
  • Word format - if you want to complete the registration form electronically, save it to your computer first.