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Learning to Drive Safely and Responsibly

Graduated Driver's Licensing (GDL) Workshops are designed for high school freshmen and sophomores and their parents. The target audience is the 70 percent of youth who do not enroll in a formal school-based or professional driver's education course. The workshop covers:

  • The consequences of safe and unsafe driving behavior
  • The long term physical, emotional, legal and financial aftermath of an accident
  • The reasons for and importance of following traffic laws
  • Updated safety and adolescent-behavior trends

These 3-hour evening workshops are held at local high schools throughout the school year. Presenters are a TNTT nurse, attorney/judge and peer educator. The presentation includes a TNTT slide show. The workshops are arranged through a partnership with the local Department of Transportation, traffic safety coalitions and school administration. 

Pre-registration required. Call 503-413-4960

Why you and your teen should come to a GDL Workshop

Oregon law requires that new drivers take on the responsibility of driving over a period of years, to allow them to gradually learn the skill of driving safely. Research has shown that the development of a young person's brain (the pre-frontal cortex area), and therefore the ability to make safe choices while driving, is linked to maturity.

Bottom line: Young drivers don't have the maturity to resist peer pressure and the exhilaration of fast driving unless their parents help by providing rules and limits while they are learning to drive.

The tragic fact is that 65 percent of teens killed in auto accidents are being driven by another teen. The GDL Workshops are aimed at reducing this unnecessary loss of life. Before your teen gets a learner's permit—and definitely before getting a license—come with them to a GDL Workshop.

Have more questions? Call us at 503-413-4960 or email TNTT.