Flu info

The best way to avoid the flu — and avoid spreading it to vulnerable children and others — is to get the flu vaccine.

Free flu shots for all  on Veterans Day

Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014

Legacy Health is offering free flu shots for all –– adults and children (at least 6 months old)  on Veterans Day

See below for times and locations or click here.

Serving our community in honor of those who served our country.


It's flu and cold season, so protect yourself and others

Experts say that everyone over 6 months old should get a flu shot every year. It is the single best way to protect against the flu. By getting the flu shot, you are you are not only protecting yourself, but also your family and friends.

You can't get the flu from the shot; the virus in the vaccine is dead. Talk to your primary care provider about flu shots, and consult the websites below for further information.

For details, watch the videos on this page or read this list of FAQs from one of our doctors. Also see the websites below. If you have specific questions, talk to your doctor.


More information on the flu 

Additional expertise

Legacy has expertise in flu-related issues:

  • For addressing infectious disease, we have several specialists on our medical staff. For doctors who treat children go here. For adults: Mark Crislip, M.D., Eric Chang, M.D., and Regina Won, M.D.
  • For cases of breathing failure associated with the flu, Legacy is a leader in a complex treatment known as ECMO. Legacy has used ECMO to to treat severe lung failure from teh H1N1 virus (swine flu.) ECMO oxygenates the blood outside of the body, supporting the heart and lungs so that they can heal. Read more about our ECMO care.

What about whooping cough?

Whooping cough (pertussis) is highly contagious and can be fatal to infants, who often catch it from adult family members. Whooping cough is now at its highest level in the U.S. since 1959.