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Providing care to all

Healthcare for all, regardless of ability to pay, has always been an important concern for Legacy. 

Our community benefit - care for those in need, medical education and research, and support for community service programs - exceeds $220 million annually, with most of that going to provide care for the uninsured and underinsured through charity care, Medicaid, Medicare and other governmental programs. Please visit for more information.

Universal coverage, not charity care, is the best long-term solution to the healthcare crisis, and so we are pursuing reform. For more information please call our Government Affairs Office at 503-413-7955 or 360-487-2495. 

Our health care reform principles

Legacy Health System will support healthcare reform that:

  • Creates sustainable access to health insurance for all individuals.
    • Coverage for all children and adults
    • Integrated behavioral health care 
  • Ensures fair, sustainable, and rational funding.
    • Long-term, sustainable financing mechanisms
    • Appropriate cost-sharing
    • Equitable sharing of the charity care burden among providers 
  • Reforms provider payments to adequately reimburse for services, encourage increased provider participation, and reward quality, innovation, and efficiency.
    • Increased access to primary care
    • Emphasis on preventive care and chronic disease management
    • Use of electronic medical records and other technology 
  • Reforms consumer incentives to encourage patient responsibility, with an emphasis on preventive care and chronic disease management
  • Generates meaningful, consistent measures of performance focused on cost, quality and experience of care.
    • Transparency in cost and quality
    • Evidence-based standards of care