What is Quality?

At Legacy, "Quality" means delivering outstanding clinical services within healing environments to every person entrusted to our care, every day. We have set high standards of excellence, and we work hard to achieve them. Everyone at Legacy plays an important role in improving quality and promoting patient safety.

Quality and patient safety information about hospitals used to be difficult to find. Today, with the help of the Internet, this information is available to the public from federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, private companies and hospitals themselves. At Legacy Health, we believe:

  • You deserve easily available information to help you select a hospital and/or other health care provider based on the quality of care you expect to receive.
  • Routinely measuring our performance against reliable standards has and will continue to enable us to ensure the quality of our care, as well as identify additional opportunities for improvement.


Measruing the quality of care can be difficult, and many organizations use different measurements. The data can be complicated; if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

Here is a glossary of some of the terms we use that you may find helpful.

Patient confidentiality

To protect patient confidentiality, Legacy only reports combined data for all our patients as a group. We do not report information about specific patients, and we follow rules set out in the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which protects against the sharing of patient-specific information without proper authorization.