Green Purchasing

Green purchasing means:

  • Buying products that are less damaging to the environment and human health
  • Insisting on products with minimal or recyclable packaging

Here are just a few of Legacy Health's green purchasing success stories:

  • Green cleaning—Our facilities use non-toxic or least-toxic cleaning supplies, which supports the safety and comfort of our patients and staff as well as reducing harmful environmental effects.
  • Plastic glove packaging—When a manufacturer changed its sterile glove packaging from paper waxed envelopes to nonrecyclable plastic, Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center's operating room nurses saved up 60 pounds of the plastic wrap and sent it back to the supplier with the suggestion that they change their packaging. By folding the gloves in half, the manufacturer cut the amount of plastic in half—a win for everyone.
  • Custom surgery packs—Legacy convinced a supplier of custom surgery packs to eliminate certain items that weren't used very often. That saved us about $30,000 per year and eliminated 11,000 pounds of waste.
  • Buying in bulk—Legacy Good Samaritan switched from buying juice in 32-oz glass containers to 60-oz plastic containers that the hospital then recycles. This saves about 2,500 pounds of waste per year.
  • Buying reusables—Legacy replaced the majority of its disposable foam "egg-carton" mattresses with permanent waterproof mattresses. The initial purchase was significant, but the decision paid for itself in just one year and now prevents thousands of pounds of waste annually.