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Placing men in the driver's seat to better health

Dr. David Lee with Legacy Medical Group - Lake Oswego was featured in two articles that appeared in the Healthy Life: Men’s Health community health guide.  The guide appeared as an insert on February 28, 2013 in 18 community newspapers published by Pamplin Media Group, including the Portland Tribune.

Maintain your body like you do your car - Men routinely schedule car oil changes and tire rotations, rinse algae off boat engine propellers and wipe down golf clubs after a round.  They know almost instinctively how to care for machinery, tools and toys – but for some reason, many men are in the dark about how to manage their health care.  To help put them in the driver’s seat, Dr. David Lee offers guidelines for making health maintenance second nature.  Dr. Lee shares that Legacy Health takes a comprehensive approach when it comes to preventive screening and outlines what he focuses on with particular age groups in the article.

“I typically like to see my male patients annually at every age, although the types of tests, blood work, screening, etc., will vary depending on the age group,” said Dr. Lee.  “Building healthy life choices early on, in the teens and 20s, will help us age better later in life.”

Communication breakdown – open the lines of communication and build rapport with your doctor - Building rapport with your doctor can be especially difficult for men who may not feel comfortable talking about problems and feelings, much less ailments.  But communication is key when it comes to preventive health care management and building a relationship with your doctor.  Dr. Lee encourages men to find a primary health care provider that makes them feel relaxed and comfortable.  He says it is important for him to know everything about his patients and that they should know as much about him in return to help build a successful partnership.  In this article, Dr. Lee encourages patients to come to each visit prepared with a list of health-related questions.

“I  love it when my patients are well informed about their condition, treatment plan, etc.  Questions show interest and motivation to succeed in their health plan”, said Dr. Lee.