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Legacy in the News: Legacy Transplant Services Physician Performs Live Ultrasound on Patient

TED Talks

April 12, 2013

Legacy Transplant Services nephrologist, Thomas D. Batiuk, MD, PhD joined patient Eric Dishman via Skype for a TED Talk and performed a live ultrasound on his kidney transplant.

Dishman, who is an Intel Fellow and general manager of Intel's Health Strategy & Solutions Group, was in college, doctors told him he had 2 to 3 years to live.

That was a long time ago. One rectified diagnosis and a transplant later, Dishman puts his personal experience and his expertise as a leading medical tech specialist together in a TED Talk entitled, “Health care should be a team sport” to suggest some bold ideas for reinventing healthcare -- by putting the patient at the center of a treatment team.

To view the TED Talk, click here