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Legacy in the News: Legacy Good Samaritan's Birth Center Demonstrates Benefits of Swaddling Newborns

KGW NewsChannel 8

March 14, 2013

Legacy Good Samaritan’s Family Birth Center demonstrated the benefits of swaddling newborns and how to do it safely for KGW viewers in response to a recent ban on swaddling newborns in Minnesota day care centers.

“Newborns are used to being in the womb so they don’t have a lot of room. When we swaddle it creates a similar environment,” said Nurse Ky Leineweber.

It can also keep the baby from being startled.

“Often, they startle for no reason,” said Leineweber. “Swaddling helps them feel secure.”

In addition to being illegal at day care in Minnesota, swaddling is being strongly discouraged at facilities in Pennsylvania and California.

Local pediatricians also agree that swaddling is okay as long as it is done safely and properly.

“Make sure the baby is sleeping on their back and not their tummy and make sure the legs are not held straight, then hip development won’t be impaired.”

There is also concern not swaddling could lead to more fussy babies and more frustrated parents.

Legacy Good Samaritan patient and new mom, Rachel Layton, is already convinced her one-day old daughter Penelope loves it.

”She slept really well last night swaddled up which was great. We also used it with my son and he slept awesome,” she said.

Doctors recommend making sure the newborns legs and hips can move freely and that you can fit a hand down inside the swaddled blanket.

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