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Post Anesthesia Care Unit - Good Samaritan

Note: This information is provided for nursing school faculty to let them know the kinds of clinical experiences available for nursing students at Legacy Health.


Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center

Unit Name:

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

Patient Population &/or Specialty Served:

IP and OP post-surgical, post-anesthesia care, infant through adult in Main PACU. OP Ambulatory Procedure Center patient recovery on 2nd floor PACU.

Usual Times/Days of Week Unit Open:

Main:- M-F, 0800-2300;  OPACU 0800-1730

Shift Length Worked & Start Times:

Varies, 8-12 hr shifts; Flexible shift start times. Evening shift works 12 hour shifts from 1030–2300

Number of Licensed Patient Beds:

 24 (includes 6 in 2nd floor PACU)

Average Daily Unit Census:

20-40 (total volume of both Main and OPACU)

Average Length of Stay:

No time estimate; depends on patient’s response to anesthesia used

Number RNs Working Each Shift:

10 – 12  per day, overlapping shifts; includes 2nd floor PACU coverage

Skill Mix: 

RN, CNA, Patient Service Associate

Average Skill Style of Nursing & Usual Patient Assignment:


Special Skill Sets Usually Required of RNs: 



 RN staff members rotate through the Main and OPACU units to provide the opportunity for a diverse and satisfying work environment.
All RN staff participate in providing “Standby Call Coverage” during the times the PACU is closed.  There are two RNs on call at any given time.