Labor & Delivery - Emanuel

Note: This information is provided for nursing school faculty to let them know the kinds of clinical experiences available for nursing students at Legacy Health.


Legacy Emanuel Medical Center

Unit Name:

Labor & Delivery (L&D)

Patient Population &/or Specialty Served:

Labor, delivery, high-risk antepartum, normal newborn

Usual Times/Days of Week Unit Open:


Shift Length Worked & Start Times:

8 & 12 hour shifts with 0700 start time

Number of Licensed Patient Beds:


Average Daily Unit Census:


Average Length of Stay:

10 days for antepartum

Number RNs Working Each Shift:


Skill Mix: 

RN, OB Technicians, Perioperative Technician

Average Skill Style of Nursing & Usual Patient Assignment:

1:1 or 2:1

Special Skill Sets Usually Required of RNs: 

Fetal monitoring, IV skills