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Internal Medicine Residency Program

Program information

About the program

Legacy Health offers a categorical three year resident training program and a preliminary year training program in Internal Medicine. We currently have 16 categorical and 6 preliminary positions per year.

Legacy Medical Centers

Learning environment

Resident rotations are built on 13 four-week blocks, using a 3+1 schedule. Residents spend 3 weeks on a core rotation (ICU or wards) and then 1 week in their Continuity Clinic.

Resident rotations

Inpatient teaching is an integral part of our two downtown Portland hospitals, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center. They are conveniently located just minutes from each other and are fully connected with EPIC. Core inpatient rotations include inpatient wards and intensive care (ICU). Resident teams manage high acuity patients, complete procedures and gain evidence based medicine education.  Our inpatient rotations are formative educational experiences that we feel prepares residents to become excellent internal medicine providers. 

Our two outpatient teaching clinics, Good Samaritan Clinic and Emanuel Clinic, each serve a unique patient population. Both our clinics use a medical home model for patient care, which includes a clinic pharmacist, RN’s, MA’s, social workers and mental health providers. Our clinics offer a strong team approach to provide continuity and optimal patient care. Residents get the opportunity to rotate in other Legacy Clinics to increase the breadth of outpatient exposure. This includes internal medicine, pain and addiction medicine, cardiology, geriatric and musculoskeletal clinics. 

Selective (required mixture of inpatient and outpatient specialty experiences) and elective rotations provide experiences in a variety of medical sub-specialties throughout all three years of residency. Required selective rotations include Cardiology, Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Hematology/oncology, Neurology, Geriatrics and Transitions of Care. These are done on-site at our two teaching hospitals with Legacy Specialists. We are an unopposed residency, so residents work directly with the specialist during selective rotations. 

Elective rotations are offered on or off-site with a variety of physicians at Legacy Health, as well as in the greater medical community. Residents also have the opportunity to complete out of area electives at an institution of their choice. This includes global health experiences, future job opportunities or potential fellowship placement sites. Common Legacy elective choices include on site Infectious Disease, Endocrinology, Palliative Care and Evidence Based Medicine.

Our flexible curriculum allows residents to design their electives with an eye toward their ultimate career choice, whether it be inpatient medicine, outpatient medicine or fellowship training.

Read more about how rotations and schedules are structured in our program.

The 3+1 schedule promotes continuity and dedicated education.  This allows residents to focus their time and learning on the rotation that they are on, rather than being pulled away to complete clinic duties. In addition, it promotes the development of a patient panel in clinic. Residents always have a weekend off after a clinic week, allowing them to rest and recover on a consistent basis. 

Graduated Responsibility in Training (GRIT)

We have developed a novel ward structure to provide graduated responsibility in the last 3 months of the academic year. The goal is to prepare residents for the transition from R1 to R2 level and R3 to attending level.