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Internal Medicine Residency Program

Benefits and wellness

Resources to support you

Salary The current salary for first year residents is $58,169. Anticipate a 2-3% cost of living increase annually. 

Board Preparation Each resident receives a digital copy of ACP MKSAP (Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program) and access to ACP’s Board Review Core Curriculum.  We also sponsor various Board preparation activities throughout your training such as board review sessions at Academic Half Day and (for PY3 residents) the Awesome Board Review© course. 

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Support systems for success

Additional resources

Resident Retreats Residents enjoy a variety of retreats scheduled throughout the year. In the summer there is a team building retreat, in the fall a communication retreat, and in the winter and spring retreats focusing on topics selected by the residents. 

Information Resources Each resident is given a Paperpile account. This is a research library that provides access to a residency database for key internal medicine research papers. Every Legacy computer has access to UpToDate, MD Consult, Ovid MEDLINE, Ovid Evidence-based Medicine Reviews, online journals and textbooks. These resources can also be accessed from home. In addition, through the Legacy Intranet, you can access Medical Letter on Drugs & Therapeutics, ACP Medicine, and more. 

Visiting Professors Through a generous endowment, Legacy Internal Medicine Training 
Program is able to host visiting professorships. These teacher- clinician visitors offer a unique opportunity for residents and faculty to broaden their experience by making rounds with ward teams, speaking at grand rounds and noon conferences and/or participating in faculty development meetings. They are chosen not only for their renown and authority, but also for their ability to supplement the permanent teaching program. 

Vacation Residents receive 15 days of paid vacation per year. Weekend days off are not counted as vacation and are added on to each end of the vacation days. In addition, workdays are re-arranged during the last two weeks of December to provide 7 consecutive days off for each resident. 

Sick Leave Residents are entitled to up to fourteen paid calendar days of sick leave per year for acute illness, injury or approved medical leave.

Educational Leave Residents are entitled to up to five days educational leave per year. Residents presenting papers or posters at a conference may apply for funding through the Resident/Intern Training Fund. 

Family/Parental/Medical Leave Residents are allowed to take up to 12 weeks of leave per twelve- month period for approved family, parental or medical leave. Twenty- eight calendar days of paid leave are allowed for approved family, parental or medical leave. 

Insurance Legacy Health System provides full health, vision and dental insurance coverage for each resident and his/her qualified dependents for a nominal monthly cost to the resident. No matter how many covered dependents, the resident pays only the premium for him/her as an individual employee. Our health plan includes $500 annual benefit for alternative care. Life and disability insurance premiums are paid for the resident. Additional coverage may be purchased for the resident and his/her dependents for a reasonable monthly fee. The Legacy Flexible Spending Plan allows residents to save pre-tax dollars for reimbursement of eligible out- of-pocket healthcare and dependent care expenses. 

Employee Assistance Legacy partners with Cascade Centers Inc. to provide an Employee 
Assistance Program for all employees. This program is a free and confidential benefit that can assist you and your eligible family members with any personal issues, large or small. In addition, Legacy contracts with the OHSU Wellness Program for Residents who provide free confidential counseling and coaching services. All problems or concerns can be addressed, whether personal or professional. 

Parking Parking is free at all Legacy hospitals. 

Malpractice Insurance Legacy is self-insured for $1 million per occurrence with a $3 million 
aggregate. Residents are fully covered during their residency training. This coverage is provided for all approved rotations, but does not provide coverage for independent moonlighting activities outside the scope of the training program. 

Meals Meal cards are provided for use during on-call days. Occasionally, lunch is provided at noontime educational offerings. 

Other Benefits Legacy employees receive discounted monthly Tri-Met passes. In addition, employees may ride free on the Portland Streetcar with a Legacy ID badge. Legacy covers the cost of mandatory resident education such as Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification. Both AT&T and Verizon provide monthly discounts to new Legacy subscribers. 

Read our resident contract and job description here.