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Meet our residents

Jessica Bai 2016 Pharmacy ResidentJessica (Jessie) Bai:  PGY1 resident

Pharmacy School:  Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

Hometown:  Hudson, OH

Professional interests:  Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Transitions of Care

Personal interests:  Rock climbing, hiking, camping, and jewelry making

Vie Hoefling 2016 Pharmacy Resident

Vie Hoefling:   PGY1 resident

Pharmacy School:  Creighton University 

Hometown:  Omaha, NE

Professional interests:  Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Mental Health

Personal interests:  Running, music, exploring cuisines, studying languages

Franklin Phan 2016 Pharmacy Resident

Franklin Phan:   PGY1 resident

Pharmacy School:  Oregon State College of Pharmacy

Hometown:  Portland, OR

Professional interests:  Critical Care, Emergency Medicine

Personal interests:  Hiking, working out, exploring cuisines, and quality time with family and friend

Paola Acevedo 2016 Pharmacy Resident

Paola Acevedo:  PGY2 resident

Pharmacy School:  Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University

Hometown:  Jersey City, NJ

Professional interests:  Patient and Student Education

Personal interests:  Culinary arts - making people happy with her food 

Christa Johnson 2016 Pharmacy Resident

Christa Johnson:  PGY2 resident

Pharmacy School:  University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

Hometown:   Jackson, MS

Professional interests:  Diabetes Care, Pharmacy Leadership

Personal interests:  Travel, family/friend game nights