Lab Accreditation

Lab Accreditation Certification

Accreditation Certification (PDF)

Central Lab CAP Certificate 2014

Central Laboratory CAP 2014 (PDF)

Central Lab CLIA 2015

Central Laboratory CLIA 2015 (PDF)

Emanuel CAP Certificate 2014

Emanuel CAP 2014 (PDF)

Emanuel CLIA 2015

Emanuel CLIA 2015 (PDF)

Eugene CAP Certificate 2014

Eugene CAP 2014 (PDF)

Eugene CLIA 2014

Eugene CLIA 2014 (PDF)

Firwood CLIA 2014

Firwood CLIA 2014 (PDF)

Firwood COLA 2014

Firwood COLA 2014 (PDF) 

Good Samaritan CAP Certificate 2014

Good Samaritan CAP 2014 (PDF)

Good Samaritan CLIA 2015

Good Samaritan CLIA 2015 (PDF)

Meridian Park CAP Certificate 2014

Meridian Park CAP 2014 (PDF)

Meridian Park CLIA 2015

Meridian Park CLIA 2015 (PDF)

Mount Hood CAP Certificate 2014

Mount Hood CAP 2014 (PDF)

Mount Hood CLIA 2015

Mount Hood CLIA 2015 (PDF)

Newport (Bridgeview) CAP Certification 2014

Newport (Bridgeview) CAP 2014 (PDF)

Newport (Bridgeview) CLIA 2014

Newport (Bridgeview) CLIA 2014 (PDF)

Salmon Creek CAP Certificate 2014

Salmon Creek CAP 2014 (PDF) 

Salmon Creek CLIA 2015

Salmon Creek CLIA 2015 (PDF)

St Helens CAP Certificate 2014

St Helens CAP 2014 (PDF)

St Helens CLIA 2015

St Helens CLIA 2015 (PDF)

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