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eDocTalk newsletter for Legacy physicians

August 2017

From Lewis Low, M.D.: We live in a shrinking world and it impacts all of us

How did an international cyber-attack and an astronomical event impact Legacy and all of you? These recent events remind me that we are not an isolated health system in the Portland metro area. Instead, our definition of community and our impact must expand as we are increasingly tied to national and international events, too. Read more>>

Oregon budget preserves Medicaid funding; hits Legacy with hospital taxes

The recently-passed Oregon budget includes funding for Medicaid, due in part to taxes on hospitals. Our take-away from the process is that Legacy and physicians must continue to work closely together to adapt and be successful in a world with limited health care dollars. Read more>>

Don’t be vulnerable — ten tips to prevent a cyber-attack

Reports of ransomware attacks, email hacking and stolen information are in the news. While it’s easy to think it won’t happen to us, hospitals and other health care providers have been hit. To help prevent an attack on your practice, read more>>

The proof is in the numbers: Legacy Health Partners is delivering value and incentive payments

Since launching in 2014, Legacy Health Partners has built a network of skilled, committed providers. The “LHP 2016 Impact Summary” shows that LHP members have had an impact on improved patient health while many practices also benefit from incentive payments. Read more>>

Legacy Health Partners welcomes new medical director

Nick Kashey, M.D., LHP’s new medical director, is new to Oregon but not population health. This New York City native looks to bring more coordination of care and communication to the position. Read more>>

Upcoming CME events

Register now for two upcoming October events: 2017 Annual Thorny Issues in Ophthalmology Conference and 2017 New Paradigms in Obesity Management. Read more>>

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