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eDocTalk article

MRSA precautions get update

September 2017

Patients with a history of MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) will no longer be placed in contact precautions. Patients who test positive for MRSA during their stay will be placed in contact precautions for the duration of that visit or hospitalization only. De-isolation for MRSA will no longer be applicable or included in Legacy Health Policy 600.25.

Standard precautions, adherence to infection prevention principles and excellent hand hygiene are shown to effectively prevent the transmission of most infectious organisms. Read here for more information: MRSA Precautions Change.

Hand hygiene reminder

Even if you’ve heard it before, some messages bear repeating: Please clean your hands when entering and when leaving any patient room or clinical area. Legacy supports an environment of safety for our patients and staff. If someone reminds you to clean your hands, your response should be a polite "thank you."


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