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From Lewis Low, M.D.: It’s that time of the year — fall and a focus on our high-impact priorities

October 2017

Lewis Low, M.D.


I can’t help but think two things about fall: it’s time for Cal Bears football, and we have a whole lot of work kicking into high gear. While I just need to report the Bears are off to a good start, what I most want is your input and partnership on our top priorities for the rest of the year:


Provider wellness is one of my top priorities. Research continues to show that burnout is escalating with EHR frustration being at top of the list. In this issue, you’ll find more about a peer support program we’re developing to help alleviate daily stress our providers face. We’re looking for 60 providers interested in being trained to offer support to peers.

You may also have seen a recent request from me to participate in an EHR survey. I clearly hit a sore spot based on some of your feedback, though our intention was to get your input on future decisions. I appreciate the feedback and hope you know your voice matters.

Finances and efficiency

Fall is when budgeting begins, and it’s a painful process. While we continue to operate in the black, faring far better than many other health systems, we have to balance limited resources with the investments that move us forward. Efficiency is our priority. Whether you’re in the hospital or clinic, I welcome your suggestions or best practice examples of how to be efficient and maintain/improve quality.

CEO search

While Legacy’s board is ultimately responsible for hiring the CEO, the search committee has sought input from medical leaders about the preferred characteristics of our next CEO. Your medical leaders have also shared their perspective on the challenges and issues facing our organization. Right now, the committee is interviewing both internal and external candidates and is targeting the end of November to extend an offer.

Leadership development

As we heard from you in the last Provider Engagement Survey, leadership opportunities and development are at the top of your list of interests, as well as mine. I’m excited to share that our Provider Leadership Development Committee is finalizing a formal provider leadership training that will be available to the first cohort this spring. Acceptance to this program will go through a nomination/application process through your medical executive committee (MEC) in the coming few weeks. Additionally, there will be other opportunities for training and development, so stay tuned.

I am ready for the fall and all the work to be done — as individuals and as Legacy Health — to improve the health of our community. You are integral to the success of each priority. As we proceed, know your input is welcome and your involvement makes us better.


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