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eDocTalk newsletter for Legacy physicians

March 2018

From Lewis Low, M.D.: It's all about you

As we look to the future, it’s increasingly clear that a strong partnership between Legacy and providers collectively increases our chances for success. For me, it begins with listening to your concerns and then acting on your priorities. Read more>>

You’re not alone: Legacy launches provider peer support program to address burnout

Adverse clinical events and stressful situations happen, and now providers have an option to reach out for confidential peer support. The Legacy Provider Peer Support Program launches this month, with 50 trained volunteer providers who will listen and offer support, to help improve provider well-being. Read more>>

CMS announces major change to rules on medical student documentation

Until a new CMS policy announcement in February, teaching physicians were required to re-do notes from medical students into electronic health records, a duplicative and time-consuming task. The change is a benefit to providers, as it reduces one of the major causes of burnout. Read more>>

Last chance to tell leaders what matters through survey

The biannual provider survey ends next Monday, March 19. Please take 15 minutes now to share your opinion. Your input affects change at the hospital and throughout the Legacy system. Read more>>

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