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eDocTalk article

Coming soon: Strong passwords to protect our patients

January 2013

With the new year, Legacy is taking a new step to secure its computers and protect patient information: strong passwords.

Strong passwords are those with eight characters and a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Impact for physicians and providers:

  • Anyone changing their password will be prompted to use a strong password.
  • By mid-2013, anyone using Legacy systems will be need to change their main password to comply with the new standards.

More information

This change will bring Legacy up to new industry standards for password requirements," says John Kenagy, senior vice president and chief information officer. "Anyone who uses online banking or even Facebook is likely already using a strong password. Our systems — and the sensitive information we manage on behalf of our patients — will now have that heightened level of protection."

The change will apply to network passwords managed by our Microsoft network.  These are used for logging into systems most users use regularly, including Legacy PCs, email, remote access, Epic Hyperspace, Lawson, E+ and others.

Watch for more details on the timing of the changes.