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eDocTalk article

Use Epic to refer patients to <br>Legacy hospice care

February 2013

Legacy Hospice and Legacy Hopewell House Hospice are now 100 percent live on Epic. Orders have been updated to improve the process of referring your patient to hospice.

Inpatient order

The Inpatient Consult to Hospice order (Consult 41) must be placed and completed by the IP physician wishing to send their terminally ill patient to hospice for end of life care. This order must be completed prior to the signature of the order. The order triggers the Hospice Care Coordinator to do a bed side consult to determine if the patient qualifies for hospice and where that care will be given, Hopewell or outpatient hospice (REF35 required at discharge). It also starts the Intake and Admit process to the hospice program.

Outpatient order

Referral to Hospice (Referral 35) is the order that must be placed and completed by the outpatient physician wishing to send their terminally ill patient (adults or pediatrics) to hospice for end-of-life care. The Comments field contains the initial plan of care for the terminally ill patient and is required to complete prior to signature of the order.

After the patient has been Intake and admitted to the hospice program, the attending provider will start to receive a new Home Health Orders in in-basket folder.

To learn more about using Epic for hospice referrals, contact your on-site electronic health record clinical expert (ECE).


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