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Tech notes: Change your password via Epic

March 2013
Legacy Health is requiring “strong” passwords to secure its computers and protect confidential patient and employee data information. By June, all network passwords must be “strong.”

What is a strong password? 

Here are some guidelines and examples 

All letters,
recognizable dictionary words
(letters and numbers, but no symbols) 
(more than eight characters,
with a mix of upper and lower case letters,
plus symbols and no dictionary words)
 myname  myname12  M1N#ame12

How to change your password

Physicians and providers who do not regularly log into Legacy computers can change their password through Epic:

  1. Log into Epic using your current network credentials. 
  2. Once in Epic, click the down-arrow to the right of the "Log Out" option in the top, right hand corner of the screen. 
  3. Choose the option to "Change Password..." and follow the on-screen instructions. (Here are full instructions for changing passwords in Epic).


We recommend changing your password as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience. Each week through June, a segment of users (including physicians) who have not yet changed passwords will be required to change to a strong password. If you receive a message to change your password, you must do so immediately as your old password will no longer work when you attempt to log in to a Legacy computer or Epic Hyperspace.

Click here to see more details on strong passwords (and other password tips). 


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