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Message from Dr. Lewis Low

December 2013

Lewis Low, M.D.

I consider myself a high-energy kind of guy. But even I am having trouble catching my breath.

And I am not alone. When I was talking with George recently, he too was lamenting the high tempo at which we in the Legacy executive suite are operating. Is this the new normal? Probably.

What I find interesting, though, is that even with the frenetic pace and long hours, we both continue to be enthused and optimistic — about Legacy, about its contribution to care transformation, and about the excellent patient care that you and our staff provide.

Why is that? Why don’t we get beaten down by the constant change and what often feels like chaos? I think for the same reason you keep taking care of patients — the upside far outweighs the downside.

There is tremendous resilience and commitment among Legacy physicians. I talked to a surgeon recently who, despite being on call four out of seven nights, was still enthusiastic and bursting with ideas on how we can make Legacy even better.

I’ve seen it, too, among the physicians who are giving us their precious extra hours to create Legacy Health Partners. Their energy and enthusiasm amaze me.

And I know of a Legacy Medical Group PCP who is in her office from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. each day, but still treats every single patient as though they are the only person in the world that matters.

While George and I bemoan the pace, we can tick off a half dozen "upside" Legacy achievements in just the last few months:

  • We have the most highly rated hospitals (Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center and Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center) in patient satisfaction in their respective states.
  • We are a recognized national leader in reducing surgical site infections.
  • While urinary tract infections are climbing nationally, Legacy’s rates this year have dropped.
  • We have some of the best provider engagement scores in the country.
  • We are financially healthy.

Well, that’s only five, but you get the idea.

I bet you, too, could easily list the "upsides" in your work and the contribution you are making if you had a few extra minutes to think about it, which I know you don’t.

So, I’ll start your list for you: Our patients (both hospital and clinic) regularly comment on how well they are cared for, listened to and respected.

Now it’s your turn. Take a couple of deep breaths and focus for just a moment or two on the upside.

Thank you for all you do. Happy holidays!


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