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eDocTalk article

Message from Dr. Lewis Low

February 2014

Lewis Low, M.D.


Two weeks ago I and several other Legacy leaders, including a few members of our board of directors, participated in the annual Legacy medical executive committee conference. It’s an opportunity for MEC members from across our system to come together, learn more about their roles and responsibilities, and enjoy a bit of camaraderie.

 At this year’s event some things were a little different. While for the last several years, physician input from a variety of venues has contributed to our strategic direction, to my knowledge this is the first time we collaborated on the tactics that most closely affect physicians. (We will have more about this in the March eDocTalk.)

I was struck, as I looked around those meetings, by the range of perspectives, depth of experience and sheer brain power I saw. Legacy is blessed to have such a group of physician leaders.

Inadvertent leaders

How is it that so many of us came to be in leadership roles? For some it may have happened almost by default — no one else would step up. Or we were faced with an unplanned opportunity that just seemed to make sense. Inadvertent leaders, I call us. It’s ironic that while most physicians don’t see themselves as leaders, everyone else does.

It is more imperative than ever that physicians embrace their roles as the leaders of health care transformation. If we physicians don’t step up to lead, I guarantee that someone else will.

Across health care, the number of clinicians being tapped for administrative roles is on the increase. Here at Legacy we are well ahead of the curve with physicians in several of our key executive roles.

We want to maintain that lead and build on it. That’s one reason we are expanding our Physician Leadership Academy and making individual classes available to anyone on our medical staff.

The academy is a win-win. It offers physicians the tools to develop their leadership skills, and it provides Legacy with more leadership capacity.

Physician survey coming

Many of you have emailed me in the past months with your thoughts and opinions on a variety of issues. Now it’s time for a more formal assessment. We will be conducting the 2014 medical staff engagement survey later in February. I strongly encourage you to make your views known. Watch for an email from The Advisory Board.


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