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eDocTalk article

Physician input helps reach performance targets

August 2016

The Hospital Transformation Performance Program (HTPP) is a state-run quality program that gives incentives to Oregon hospitals to improve patient care in 11 areas. While the HTPP program is focused on meeting site-specific targets, we want you to continue to be involved and know you can help our efforts to improve patient care.

The third year of the program is underway, and there are a few key reminders for providers (see Physician Summary for HTPP Year 3 for the complete summary). The report indicates a need for physicians to help:

  • Prevent CAUTI/CLABSI infections
  • Prevent hypoglycemia
  • Support screening for drug and alcohol misuse (i.e., “SBIRT” ) in the ED

Physician role impacts focused effort

One of the 11 HTPP measures is focused on readmissions, an area where there was room for improvement to meet the target. For this effort, a multidisciplinary workgroup chose to focus on improving discharge planning as a way to reduce readmissions.

The result? Legacy has seen reductions in readmission rates, with three of four HTPP sites currently meeting the readmissions target. 

How it happened

As the result of a discharge planning improvement event, which had physician participation, the group then chose to focus on three areas within the discharge planning work stream:

  • Improvement of the After Visit Summary (AVS)
  • Multidisciplinary rounds
  • Goals for discharge 
Physician participation has been key to each of these focus areas. Physician information is at the hub of how information flows to the patient, and so ensuring that physicians know how their documentation is going to be used downstream is a key to success in each of these focus areas. The results prove this approach works.
For more information on this effort, or any of the HTPP measures, contact

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