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Legacy joins partnership to support housing for homeless

October 2016

Legacy is one of six local health care organizations to invest a total of $21.5 million in a partnership with Central City Concern to respond to Portland’s urgent challenges in affordable housing, homelessness and health care.

With the Friday, Sept. 23, announcement, Legacy committed $4 million toward the effort that will support 382 new housing units across three locations. Legacy’s donation will support the Eastside Health Center, which will serve medically fragile people and people in recovery from addictions and mental illness with a first-floor clinic and housing for 176 people. The center will also become the new home for an existing Central City Concern program, Eastside Concern, and will offer 24-hour medical staffing on one floor.

Legacy’s support for this community partnership fits well with the organization’s mission and its commitment to meet the needs of the individuals experiencing serious mental health issues. 

George Brown, M.D., Legacy’s president and CEO, said, “One part of Legacy Health’s mission is good health for our community. Every day I see you constantly working to improve the quality of care to patients in order to meet our mission. But it’s hard to be healthy with no roof over your head, and it’s hard to recover when you have no bed to rest in. I believe that as an organization, we need to do more than just clinical care in order to provide good health for our community.”

There is a strong connection between housing and health care. Governor Kate Brown said, “Stable, affordable housing and health care are so often intertwined, and I’m gratified to see collaborative solutions coming from some of our state’s leading organizations.”

For more information, visit the Central City Concern website.

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