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eDocTalk article

PacificSource CEO champions physician involvement

November 2016

This is another feature in our series to provide you with a personal look at leaders who make a difference. Ken Provencher is president and CEO of PacificSource, an independent, not-for-profit health plan based in Springfield with local offices throughout Oregon, and in Idaho and Montana. On Sept. 1, Legacy Health and PacificSource Health Plans finalized an agreement to form a new organization. On Jan. 1, PacificSource will be the new health plan administrator for all benefit-eligible Legacy Health employees.

Why is the history of PacificSource relevant to providers and the new partnership with Legacy Health?

PacificSource was founded by physicians in Lane County in 1933 to serve employees in the timber industry. Since the beginning, physicians have had a strong influence in the organization. Prior to the affiliation with Legacy and moving forward, providers will have a presence on the board of directors. Both Legacy and PacificSource have a strong commitment to providers, evidenced by the number of physician leaders and the strong provider network at Legacy, as well as the long history of physician guidance at and satisfaction with PacificSource.  

What should members of Legacy Health Partners and their patients expect from PacificSource?

Both Legacy and PacificSource are nonprofit organizations built on the same values and history of collaboration with and commitment to providers. PacificSource has a deep respect for clinical practice and what providers do. In fact, we already have an excellent reputation and loyalty among providers because we find ways to work in partnership to improve the health of our members, who are your patients. We will also continue to find ways to integrate what happens with insurance and practice, and to work with Legacy Health to build models that enhance quality of care, value and access as we look ahead to population health.

What keeps you awake at night when you think about changes in the health care environment?

Looking to the future, I see great demands ahead for all of us. There is great urgency on us — the providers of health care — to make changes that improve cost, quality and outcomes. Working collaboratively is imperative given the challenges to the health care system and the transition to population health. We must develop a meaningful and integrated approach to what we do as a health plan and with Legacy Health Partners. This is more than a contractual relationship and why I know this partnership with Legacy is the best option for the future of our physicians, your patients and our members.

Background and interests

Ken Provencher, president and chief executive officer of PacificSource since 2001, is just the fifth CEO in the company’s 83-year history. He previously served as vice president of operations. Provencher has worked in the health care industry for more than 30 years. He also sits on the Board of Trustees of the Oregon State University Foundation as well as Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Committee for the State of Oregon. Among several other leadership positions, he serves on the OMIP/State Reinsurance Board and the Oregon Health Leadership Council. He is a frequent guest lecturer and panelist for health care issues. Provencher holds a master of business administration degree in health care management from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Providence College.

Provencher lives in Corvallis and commutes to his primary office in Springfield and to a Portland office as well. He enjoys spending time with his wife, grown children and friends. He plays the guitar and is a huge sports fan of Oregon State University and Major League Baseball.


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