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eDocTalk article

Then and now: we’ve come a long way, baby

January 2017

Lewis Low, M.D.

When I arrived in spring 2003 (see picture below), Legacy was a different place than it is today. I’ve matured (the gray hair will certainly reinforce that) just as Legacy has evolved over the years. 

That was then

I’ve thought about Legacy during the early days of my career and the major progress we’ve experienced together over the years. In 2003:

  • I was among the first employed physicians at Legacy and helped develop a program for the emerging hospitalist/intensivist field of practice. 
  • The relationship between administration and physicians was sometimes tense. 
  • Legacy was an acute care, episodic-based hospital system that functioned almost exclusively in the fee-for-service world.

This is now

Today I see a far different organization, workplace and perception of our role in the community. For example:

  • Legacy’s hospitalist/intensivist program is among the largest in the region.
  • Legacy’s strategic priorities includes partnering with independent physicians, Legacy Medical Group and Legacy Health Partners to deliver care in our community.
  • Administration — including me — understands, values and seeks input from medical staff.
  • We are investing energy, time and resources into developing the capability to effectively manage populations.

I am also proud of our evolving leadership role in serving and improving the health of the community. Our presence and support goes far beyond our hospital walls:

In fact, I am most moved by Unity Center and how it represents our mission to serve the community — and in this case some of our most vulnerable citizens.

We’ve devoted this issue of eDocTalk to Unity as it opens later this month. You’ll find profiles of Unity leaders, a brief description of the evolution from idea to reality, practical information about referrals, as well as a testimonial from a colleague about the importance of caring for people in a mental health crisis.

I hope you’ll take time to read this entire issue and reflect on how far we’ve come. This year is off to an amazing start. Your role in helping along the way is appreciated.


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