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eDocTalk article

Why do it? Legacy physician leaders are like pilots

February 2017

Meet Legacy’s physician leaders. Some are new to their positions, some are part-way through their terms, but they all take this job seriously … and they care about your journey through the turbulence and changes facing health care. In the words of one leader, “my job is to bring organization to the disorganization.” Take a minute to learn more about who represents you, and why it is they’ve chosen leadership.


Legacy’s physician leaders (from left to right): Shandra Greig, M.D., Edward Yanke, D.O., Christopher Thoming, M.D., Peter Beatty, M.D., Blayne Standage, M.D., Opher Nadler, M.D., and John McQueston, M.D. Not pictured: Andrew Cramer, M.D.

Legacy Health Partners

Peter T. Beatty, M.D.
Chair, Legacy Health Partners
Specialty: Radiology
Leadership term: Jan. 1, 2017–Dec. 31, 2018
Medical staff member since: 1996

"Medicine is going through major structural changes — likely the most significant that I will see during my career — as we move to fulfill the Triple Aim. It is a privilege to work with the other members of Legacy Health Partners to craft a way forward that works for us all."

Legacy Health medical staff

Andrew Cramer, M.D.
Medical Staff President, Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center
Specialty: general and vascular surgeon
Leadership term: Jan. 1, 2017–Dec. 31, 2018
Medical staff member since: 1992

"This is a critical time in medicine, and no one is better prepared to direct the future than physicians. We have to be willing to put in the time and effort at the table. I chose medicine to take care of patients, and my involvement in leadership is just another expression of how I take care of people."
Shandra Greig, M.D.
Medical Staff President, Legacy Silverton Medical Center
Specialty: family medicine with OB
Leadership term: Jan. 1, 2017–Dec. 31, 2018
Medical staff member since: 1996

"Staying involved in the decisions that affect medical providers and patients in our community is important to me. I am motivated to protect the Silverton hospital culture and quality our patients have enjoyed for many years while we work together with other Legacy leaders and providers during affiliation transitions. Sharing ideas will improve our health care delivery both locally and throughout the Legacy system. I believe patients rely on their medical providers to ensure high quality medical care, and we should take that responsibility seriously. I will represent the Silverton medical staff and patients of our community to the best of my ability."
John McQueston, M.D. 
Medical Staff President, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Specialty: pediatric pulmonology, informatics
Leadership term: Jan. 1 2016–Dec. 31, 2017
Medical staff member since: 2005

"I explain my role to incoming medical staff members this way: Hospital administration delegates responsibility for the organized medical staff to the medical staff leadership — so I am the one who helps keep things organized. I also explain that when they feel that disorganization is impacting patient care, they should give me a call because I want to know about it and try to resolve it."
Opher A. Nadler, M.D. 
Chairman, Randall Children’s Hospital
Specialty: pediatric emergency medicine
Leadership term: Jan. 1, 2017–Dec. 31, 2018
Medical staff member since: 2009

"I believe that medical staff and administration deliver the best care to our patients when we work together on care quality and optimal operations. I am hoping to be a voice for the front-line provider and collaborate with Legacy Health administration on achieving our common vision."
Blayne Standage, M.D. 
Medical Staff President, Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center
Specialty: General surgery
Leadership term: Jan. 1, 2015–Dec. 31, 2017 (term extended one year)
Medical staff member since: 1986

"I wasn’t originally interested in medical staff leadership but after I was asked to be Surgery Department Chair, I did it as a favor. The interactions with other leaders, the ability to make a difference as medical care evolves and the ability to help patients in a different way all gradually impressed me and helped me decide to continue in leadership. Our responsibilities are to ensure good credentialing and quality and to represent the interests of our medical staffs — all of which interest me and I encourage anyone similarly interested to speak with any of our chairs or officers."
Christopher Thoming, M.D. 
Medical Staff President, Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center
Specialty: ambulatory/emergency medicine
Leadership term Jan. 1, 2015–Dec. 31, 2017 (term extended one year)
Medical staff member since: 2005

"Health care is a complex and ever-changing team sport that I have been fascinated with my entire career. There are many challenges and opportunities that lay before us. I derive great satisfaction from my work to optimize the care we provide our patients and also our professional experiences as providers. Culture matters: I take daily inspiration from my co-workers, no matter their role and I remain committed to the aspirations of the Quadruple Aim for our patients and our system."
Edward Yanke, D.O. 
Medical Staff President, Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center
Specialty: OB/GYN
Leadership term: Jan. 1, 2017–Dec. 31, 2018
Medical staff member since: 1992

"I became involved by being asked to be OB chair and it went on from there. I believe that as a physician it behooves us to be leaders in our community. The hospital is not only our community but serves the geographic community. It is up to us to see that quality and safe care is available to this community."

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