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Education and support from Legacy

Now that ICD-10 is live, refer to the of resources below should you have questions. 

Resources for ICD-10 conversion

For the latest updates and tip sheets, be sure to regularly check the "education tools for you" page, and look for the Support Staff section of the table on that page.

One of the most useful tip sheets available now is ICD-10 Term Search

Training modules for support staff

To enhance general knowledge around the impact of ICD-10 on provider documentation, an online training module is highly recommended for Legacy support staff who support providers in their documentation (e.g., medical assistants, schedulers, Patient Access) and Legacy support staff who review provider documentation content based on their roles (e.g., care managers). 

This course is a review of the core concepts of ICD-10 that impacted populations need to understand. It also provides a quick overview of what ICD-10 is, why it is happening, what changes and impact it brings, and the key concepts one must understand. This training offers an abbreviated review of the structure and function of both ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS code systems as well.

The module is located in E+ as ICD10.CURRICULUM.MINICOURSE - SLM (Legacy login required). The curriculum contains two modules which take approximately 30 minutes each to complete. The modules do not have to be completed at the same time. 

If you have questions or believe more specific training on coding or billing is needed, please contact Cristin Ebert, ICD-10 education coordinator.