Legacy Health Partners

Introducing Legacy Health Partners

A new partnership for the future of health

Legacy Health Partners (LHP) is a partnership between independent private practice physicians, Legacy Health and Legacy Medical Group. It is not physician employment, but rather a continuation of our pluralistic approach to physician collaboration and alignment.

The purpose of LHP is to create a clinically integrated network (CIN) that is focused on value, improving population health and performance improvement, all of which are valuable components to address the changes in health care.

What is a clinically integrated network (CIN)?
A CIN is a physician-led partnership committed to delivering evidence-based care, improving quality, efficiency, and coordination of care and demonstrating value to the market.

What is Legacy Health Partners?

  • A physician-led, high-value network of providers selected through participation and performance criteria
  • An entity that uses information technology and data integration to manage populations of patients
  • A future partner for payers and employers using payment methodologies that reward value
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Membership information:


For questions, please contact Legacy Health Partners or call 503-415-5109.

For questions or to learn more about joining a Legacy Health medical staff, contact Amanda Walker at 503-525-7673.