Legacy Health Partners

A partnership for the future of health

Legacy Health Partners is a partnership between independent private practice physicians, Legacy Health and Legacy Medical Group. Its purpose is to create a clinically integrated network that is focused on improving population health, delivering value and improving overall performance.

LHP is:

  • A physician-led, high-value network of providers selected through participation and performance criteria
  • An entity that uses information technology and data integration to manage populations of patients
  • A future partner for payers and employers using payment methodologies that reward value

Legacy Health Partners gains momentum

To date, nearly 1,700 providers have applied for membership in Legacy Health Partners (LHP) and have signed the Election to Participate. The next step in the membership process is for providers to sign and return their Participating Provider Agreement (PPA).

Providers who sign their PPAs by April 1, 2015 are eligible to participate in a pilot project with the Legacy Employee Health Plan and have the opportunity to achieve financial incentives based on performance.

Return your signed PPA by April 1, 2015 to:

Legacy Health
Attn: Kristin Gilmer
1120 NW 20th, Suite 108
Portland, OR 97202

Or send via email

Membership Application:

  • LHP Participating Provider Agreement Tip Sheet – Step-by-step instructions to help you accurately complete both the Participating Provider Agreement and LHP membership application.
  • LHP membership application spreadsheet – Help LHP maintain an accurate membership database by providing complete provider and practice information.
  • LHP Participating Provider Agreement – The document that formalizes the partnership between LHP and its members. Allows LHP to contract on behalf of its membership and should be signed by solo practitioners and group practices.
  • LHP Joinder Agreement  – Supplemental document to the PPA that is signed by LHP full members (individual physicians and independently practicing advanced practice providers).
  • LHP Associate Agreement – Supplemental document to the PPA that is signed by LHP associate members (dependently practicing advanced practice providers).


Membership Information:


   For questions, please contact Legacy Health Partners or call 503-415-5109.

For questions or to learn more about joining a Legacy Health medical staff, contact Amanda Walker at 503-525-7673.