Legacy Health Partners

Mission: Delivering value and improving health

Vision: LHP will be the preferred choice for our providers and our community


Partnership – Shared accountability

Improvement – Striving for better

Performance – Achieving excellence

A partnership for the future of health

Legacy Health Partners is a partnership of more than 2,000 independent private practice physicians, Legacy Health and Legacy Medical Group. It is a physician-led, clinically integrated network that uses information technology and data integration to help providers improve population health. It is also a future partner for payors and employers using payment methodologies that reward value.

The LHP overview provides information about LHP’s governance, clinical integration and requirements for LHP membership. The Frequently Asked Questions is a great resource too.

Committee applications for 2016

LHP members and practice administrators are encouraged to get involved by applying for a seat on one of the three LHP committees. Download information and application materials and please submit your application by Friday, October 30, 2015.

Legacy Employee Health Plan pilot

The Legacy Employee Health Plan (LEHP) pilot is an opportunity for LHP providers to align around a common set of clinical integration performance measures and share responsibility for a defined population – 17,500 Legacy Health employees and their dependents. The pilot runs July—December 2015. LHP providers will gain experience focusing on an initial set of 19 performance measures that will help strengthen the network and improve patient health. The Fast Facts is a quick reference to the 2015 clinical integration performance measures, including definitions and target and baseline details for each measure.

A performance-based incentive program is an integral part of the new clinically integrated network. For the 2015 pilot, practices will receive performance payments based on the individual scoring of their providers on the performance measures.

2015 orientation sessions

Legacy Health Partners providers and administrators are encouraged to attend one of the 12 orientation sessions scheduled Sept. 17-Dec. 17 at Legacy Health medical centers. The orientations will increase members' knowledge about LHP, clinical integration and the 2015 LHP clinical integration performance measures. Attendees will also receive points toward their 2015 clinical integration score.

Membership information

There is no initial membership fee required to join LHP. Members agree to participate in the clinical and data integration activities that form the foundation of the network, and to allow LHP to enter into contracts on their behalf.

Membership requirements:

Full Members

Physicians and independently practicing Advanced Practice Providers:

Signed Participating Provider Agreement and complete membership application file

Actively used email addresses for provider and office manager

Legacy medical staff membership

Associate Members

Dependently practicing Advanced Practice Providers:

Signed Participating Provider Agreement and complete membership application file

Actively used email addresses for provider and office manager

Interested in joining LHP?

Complete these steps and complete the appropriate Participating Provider Agreement.

Already an LHP member, but have changes in your practice?

Membership materials and forms

Return your signed membership materials to:

Legacy Health
Attn: Kristin Gilmer
1120 NW 20th, Suite 108
Portland, OR 97202

Or send via email. Or fax to (503) 413-4559.

For questions about LHP and membership requirements and procedures, contact Legacy Health Partners or call 503-415-5109.

To learn more about joining the Legacy Health medical staff, contact Amanda Walker at 503-525-7673.