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Paying your bill online

Payment for most Legacy Health services can be made online through our secure payment portal, using a major credit card or electronic withdrawal from a checking or savings account. 

Thank you for choosing to pay your bill online. Please choose the service you'd like to pay for: hospitals, clinics, laboratory services and medical records. 


Choose the hospital name that appears on your payment coupon.  Need help?

Clinics and Professional fees  

Please follow the link below to make a payment for your clinic visit. Need help?

Laboratory services

  • If your bill is for patient lab work, use this link:

    Legacy Patient Laboratory Services, PO Box 5337, Portland, OR 97228-5337

    (you can also use this link for this address: Legacy Laboratory Services: PO Box 2829, Portland, OR 97208-2829)
  • Clients of Legacy toxicology services, use this link:

    Legacy Client Laboratory Services, PO Box 5337, Portland, OR 97228-5337

Medical records

If your bill is for the cost of copies of medical records, use this link:

Legacy Hospice statements

Please note that online bill pay is not available for Legacy Hospice at this time. 

For these bills only, you may contact Hospice billing to make a payment by telephone.

Silverton Health Bill Pay Information