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Your Impact

As a nonprofit health care system, Legacy Health relies on the generous spirit of thousands of people to ensure our community has access to compassionate, comprehensive, high-quality health care. Through the power of giving, we come together in our commitment to create healthier and stronger communities. 

Your continued support has made the following initiatives and many others possible:

Live Donor Kidney Transplants

Project status: In progress
With philanthropic program support, Legacy Transplant Service’s first kidney transplant was performed using a living donor kidney on Nov. 12, 1999 by transplant surgeon, Kevin McEvoy, M.D., the same surgeon who recently performed Legacy’s 1,000th kidney transplant. Today, Legacy Transplant Services performs between 60 and 80 kidney transplants each year. The program has been recognized for having better outcomes above the national average, posting a one-year patient survival rate of 98 percent and a one-year graft (kidney) survival rate of 95 percent. We are now raising funds to provide special patient assistance for transplant recipients. 


Project status: In progress
Funds are being raised to support innovative telemedicine applications in areas such as labor & delivery, hearing & balance, ophthalmology and organ transplantation. These new applications and services greatly expand access to specialty care throughout our region.  

Optic Nervehead Lab 

Project status: In progress
Philanthropic donations helped to establish the Devers Eye Institute Optic Nerve Head Biomechanics Laboratory, where internationally recognized researchers worked to build the first computerized engineering models of the normal and glaucomatous optic nerve and to develop telemetric intraocular pressure measurement devices, which may one day lead to real-time, constant eye pressure measurements for all glaucoma patients that need them. As a result of this work, clinicians will be able to estimate the level of eye pressure where individual optic nerves might be damaged, vastly improving glaucoma care.  

Parkinson’s Research

Project status: In progress
With support from donors, researchers at Legacy Research Institute have initiated cutting edge research to pursue novel, holistic approaches to identify ways to fortify the brain’s own defenses against neural degeneration caused by Parkinson’s disease.  Our research aims to prevent, slow down and arrest the progress of Parkinson’s disease by: implementing dietary manipulations to restore adenosine function in the brain; developing successful gene therapies; developing successful stem cell-based adenosine augmentation therapies; and integrating a combination of therapies that successfully reconstruct and maintain a healthy, neuroprotective environment in the brain.

Nursing Education and Training

Project status: In progress
The Nursing Excellence Fund has been established to support leadership training and continuing education opportunities for Legacy Health’s nursing staff. Contributions to support the career advancement and development of Legacy’s 2700 registered nurses ensure excellence in patient care throughout the system.

Robotic Surgery (Da Vinci)

Project status: In progress
Philanthropic support enabled Legacy Health to purchase its first DaVinci robot and evaluate its impact on patient care. As a result of this pilot, robotic surgery using this new technology is available in almost all of Legacy’s hospitals within the areas of gynecology, urology, and cardiology. Donations continue to support robotic surgery through ongoing physician training. 

Prescription Assistance 

Project status: In progress
As a leader in the provision of charity care, Legacy Health often cares for individuals who are unable to afford prescription medications. Our dedicated social workers are often able to link these patients to long-term prescription assistance programs, however this process can take several days if not weeks. To bridge this gap and ensure our patients are receiving the medications they need, community donations are used to provide these essential prescription medications to patients in need.  

Healing Gardens

Project status: In progress
With the help of our donors, Legacy Health has become an international leader in the development of healing gardens. Located on every hospital campus, these tranquil settings are therapeutic retreats for patients, their families and visitors, hospital staff and the public. Donations help us maintain the gardens and provide therapeutic and educational programming to patients and the wider community.