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Legacy Oregon Burn Center

Immediate burn care checklist

Checklist for immediate care of burned patient

  • Are there any facial, airway inhalation injuries present or suspected?  
  • If so, is the airway secured?  
  • Provide oxygen for all burns.  
  • Calculate the total burned surface area and fluid needs using Parkland Formula.  
  • Start at least one IV site; two IV sites for burns greater than 20 percent.  
  • Start Lactated Ringers based on the Parkland Formula.  
  • Monitor distal pulses on any burns that are circumferential in nature, i.e. arms, hands, feet, legs. Monitor circumferential chest burns for adequate ventilation.  
  • Insert a Foley catheter to monitor urine output. If output less than 30 ml per hour, increase fluids by 1/3. If output more than 30 ml per hour decrease fluids by 1/3.  
  • Remove all jewelry and clothing.  
  • Remove all wet/cool packs, keep patient warm and dry. Room temperature may need to be raised.  

Contact the Oregon Burn Center as needed at 503-413-4232, 1-888-598-4232 for questions or to transfer a patient.



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